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Date:27 July 2017
I remember the moving scene when meg died in home and away and truth be told had a crush on you ever since. The honesty and realism you captured in that scene stays with me forever. For such a talent as you are and will be i was saddened to hear of your problems but elated to hear if your recovery. Please keep on acting if you only put 5% in your roles you'll be a better actress than most. I haven't seen your new stuff as meg did it for me very emotional. Good luck for you and your family in the future and hope this note finds you well. God bless and Godspeed to your future health. All the very best Richard feel free to drop me a line

Name:Jason Wenham
Email:jwenham619 at gmail dot com
Date:25 August 2015
So sad to hear on Who Wants to be a Millionaire how your health has been Cathy. You are such a beautiful person and the future is yours to conquer. best of wishes to you and your family beautiful !!!:-)

Name:Mollie Dayle
Date:1 March 2015
I'm 14 & remember seeing you in the Saddle Club when I was a lot younger! A few months ago I was watching it with my step sister & fell in love with you all over again... Since then I have been watching any clips I can find of you! I was recently diagnosed with a serious condition & you have been my inspiration & helped me get through it. I think you're an amazing actress & an inspiration to everyone. I love you so much ❤️

Date:5 July 2014
I remembered you as the beautiful girl in home and away. very sad to hear you are ill. please get well soon x

Name:Rita Harrison
Date:23 January 2013
Hi there don't know if you remember me we worked together in a shoe store briefly sorry to see that you had been unwell . Hope you are well now. I noticed you are friends with a girl I went to school with whom i am also friends with in fb her name is Emma . I won't put heR last name but it begins with t. Bye now Rita

Date:15 September 2012
I remember her from Home and Away. It took me ages to get over her character dieing .She not only looks pretty but if you look at her closely she also looks like a very kind hearted woman.

Name:Scott Harper
Date:20 July 2012
I remember Cathy from Home and Away as Meg, brilliant scenes at the time, I was gutted when Meg passed away not least as Cathy was gone from our screens.

Date:10 April 2012
you are great in the saddle club would love to meet you. You are my faviourite actress i love watching you in the saddle club

Date:13 May 2011
I remember you from Home and Away as Meg. I was talking about Meg and Blake to my wife this morning and looked for you name. You were my first "teenage crush."

Name:anthony peart
Email:acecalloutman at yahoo dot com
Date:16 February 2011
l never forgot the home and away scene when meg died and never forgot what a very beautiful actress cathy was

Name:Garry Birchall
Email:regiejeeves at googlemail dot com
Date:26 April 2010
A mid October afternoon in 1992 and a certain impressionable 18 year old fell in love. Her warmth and beauty can't be matched. God bless Catherine Godbold.

Date:3 November 2009
It is over 12 years ago that i watched the movie 'Alex' which was on late one night when i couldnt sleep. I remember being instantly drawn to Cathy and how stunning she is. All these years later i decided to find out who she actually is, i was shocked to discover she played Meg in H&A, i remember that fantastic storyline so well, and Cathy played the part brilliantly. I'm so glad i decided to research her, but saddened by her ill health. I would love an update on her progress, she is truly wonderful.

Name:Terry Brown
Email:crikeywarrior at gmail dot com
Date:22 October 2009
I worked for Cathy's Dad (Norman) in the early Seventies as an assistant cameraman at his Pan Pacific Pictures stdios in St Kilda, Melbourne. He was a larger-than-life American film maker who always wore bright shirts and jackets. He gave me my start in the industry that I am still in. He would bring Cathy and her brother in to the studio and give me $5 to take them to Luna Park for the day. When I got married I was so proud to have Rosemary and Norman attend my wedding.

Date:4 September 2009
Я очень рад, что нашёл в Интернете сайт о Кэтти Годбольд. Это одна из любимых моих актрис. У нас в России показывали по TV фильм "Шансы" (Chances) в котором Кэтти играла роль Никки Тейлор ( Nikki Taylor). Если у Вас есть возможность, пожалуйста, загрузите на сайт видео из этого сериала. Заранее спасибо!

Babel Translation: I am very glad that I found on the Internet site of Cathy Godbold. This is one of my favorite actresses. We have shown on Russian TV film "Chances" in which Cathy played the role of Nikki Taylor. If you have the opportunity, please upload the videos from this series. Thanks in advance!

If I find some, I will :)

Name:Noah Hogan
Email:hogangreenfire at msn dot com
Date:14 July 2009
The Saddle Club is SO great!!! And Cathy is one of my favorite actresses, I love her ALOT (she's VERY talented, & beautiful!!!) I'd love to meet her someday, as well as the rest of the cast, & you!!! Would you please tell her that?!

Email:elvis_a_presley2004 at hotmail dot com
Date:6 July 2009
Guys i've posted some youtube vids of Cathy Godbold in home and away check out the links :) Enjoy

I've removed the links and added a video page, which you can now see left. Thanks for the videos, Andy!

Date:21 April 2009
I was only 9 at the time Cathy was in Home and Away, I had a major crush on her and after all these years i decided to to find out who i had a crush on as a child and here i am :)

Email:araya31 at libero dot it
Date:27 January 2009
cathy è bellissima,assomiglia alla mia prof.di lettere,io guardo saddle club e li,cathy interpreta deborah hale,che fa la parte con brett tucker(un suo exragazzo)che interpreta max regnery. CIAO CATHY 6 STUPENDA!!!!!!!

Date:23 June 2008
Yeah i remember Cathy very well indeed from Home and Away, i still have loads of episodes featuring her on VHS!!! I found them the other day clearing out my old stuff, i had to record the show as it was on at tea time and we had family meals!! guess i never threw them out! Cathy, according to a friend from OZ presented their lottery show for a time and has been in a somewhat wilderness for a number of years.

Name:Andrew Hart
Date:23 May 2008
It's great to see a site devoted to the most stunningly beautiful woman who ever lived (other than my wife of course :-)). good work. would love to see some pics from her days on home and away or chances if you have any.